Cadence *)~

Save The World

by Cadence Spalding

Released 2009
JSA Records
Released 2009
JSA Records
Cadence Spalding's first studio encounter lead to half a million hits on Utube, and today her epic sound designs surround thousands of lush choral vocals layers from the single female voice of singer/songwriter Cadence*)~.
General Description of CD/DVD

5-Star delights of sound, song and sight – a sensual feast for the imagination, leaving you bursting with love and longing for more and more. 11 miniature movies; sacred sights to epic orchestration, the stretching of space and slowing of time, that one DVD just begging to be played over and over again. Classical finally meets Pop, and for a new era in music that has deep roots in sounds of old. Circular surround sound of soundtrack perfection highlighting exposures of Mother Nature’s underbelly through double micro digital images from the world’s most precious assets; earth’s exotic secrets suddenly revealed to the naked eye. Brimming with life and dancing to the sound now being called by name, “Cadence”, this vocalist’s very soul bursts into our ears and plays out in full color to the eyes of our hearts, soothing us deeply to the deepest core. New science and digital technology combine her vast vocal range of tone and flavor, emoting with soaring Celtic flat tones, weaving with classical chorals, transcending through memorable melodies that pulse, wind, build, sweep and cascade gently into the single soulful voice, we are entranced by exquisitely crafted songs that entice the newest achievements in sonic production and digital photography to create an artistic trance that is immersed in brand new. Producer Mars Lasar’s blending and layering of over 10,000 one of a kind vocal takes is a mind drenching experience that caresses you gently in sound and
light. You will never again want to live without this music and these sights will be welcomed into the most intimate corners of wherever you call your home.


Save the World (CD/DVD) - Cadence Spalding
Janet Boyer - Top10 Amazon Reviewer
5 stars

“I pray that each of us seeks daily inspiration, the kind that tells us to take long and deep breaths, to open our hearts again and again to a universe whose only real currency is love. Mother Earth and each one of her precious voiceless creatures need our protection here and now, when the time has come for planting seeds, giving them room to grow, praying for each other and believing in hope. With each and every breath may we listen harder, may we forgive more and may we keep trying to love ourselves as perfectly imperfect creations taking baby steps to mountain tops, and finding the courage to always let love matter most.” – Cadence Spalding

With soaring synths and an angelic voice, the ethereal layering of Save the World by Cadence Spalding is truly a balm for the mind, body and soul.

With sounds reminiscent of Enya—but with more texture, range, and variety—this 2-disc set soothes, uplifts and refreshes. One disc is an audio CD featuring eleven songs written by Cadence Spalding and her engineer husband, Mars Lasar, while the other disc is a DVD featuring the same songs set to breathtaking digital photography.

From flowers to fields, dolphins to children, the imagery alone is enough to calm even the weariest of spirits. But coupled with Cadence Spalding’s otherworldly voice, the DVD of Save the World becomes even more special.

My husband and son watched the Save the World DVD with me and were utterly transfixed. It was like a mini-vacation right on the couch! We were especially impressed with the microphotography inside flowers, but all of the images were lovely.

And the music! So refreshing. Quite frankly, I don’t review music much simply because most CDs that cross my desk are repetitive, uninspired, and cacophonous (at least, to my ear). Save the World is different. I put it on my stereo, enveloped in the warm, gentle tones of Cadence Spalding.

It goes without saying that Save the World belongs in the home of every person who enjoys atmospheric, tranquil music. However, I think this CD/DVD set would be an amazing addition to offices, foyers, waiting areas and therapy rooms for health practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists, New Age bookstores, churches, and spas, as well.

Save The World
Cadence Spalding
2009 / Sound Manipulations and JSA Music
CD 49’52” / DVD 52’29”

“Save The World” is the debut solo CD by Cadence Spalding. The wife of multi-instrumentalist and producer Mars Lasar, Spalding has appeared on several of Lasar’s previous recordings. Lasar co-produced, recorded, and plays this CD as well. What is most impressive about “Save The World” is the soothing effect of the choir of 10,000 voices, all of which are layers of Cadence’s voice. Cadence composed the music and three pieces were co-written with Lasar. She also plays the piano and violin with Lasar adding more piano, bass, and keyboards. The themes of the album are the power of love, peace, and the need to care for Earth and the voiceless creatures that need our protection. Cadence’s sincerity is palpable as is her deep emotional connection to the music and its message. Comparisons to Enya and 2002 are inevitable, but Cadence definitely has her own voice and vision.

The two-disc set includes a DVD of all of music paired with breathtaking double micro digital photographs by Mars Lasar of flowers, seascapes, the CA wine country, animals, children, and landscapes. The music is very effective alone, but the pairing with the photography provides a powerful sensory experience.

The first of the eleven tracks is “Trust In Love,” a simple melody that carries a message of love on a global as well as a personal level. The ethereal vocals have minimal accompaniment, but the sound is rich and lush. The title track is more instrumental (including Cadence’s voice), with the words “Save The World” repeated throughout. “Grandma’s Song” celebrates family love and a special bond between a young girl and her grandmother - a favorite! “I Do,” “Here To Love You,” and “My Man” are love songs, pure and simple, made heavenly by layers of voices, piano, and keyboards. I also really like “Share Your Life,” which also appears in a remixed version. The words tell us to open our lives and hearts to others to begin the global healing process and to make a difference in the world - beautiful in every way. “Hosanna” just sort of floats on the air, creating a mood of peaceful contentment. “Kyrie Eleison” (Greek for “Lord have mercy”) is a mother’s gentle, loving prayer for her young son. It seems to trail off at the end, but then returns after a period of silence, complete with bagpipes, to act as a grand finale of sorts.

“Save The World” is a most impressive debut, and Cadence Spalding assures us that another CD is on the way soon - something to look forward to! It is available from and most online music outlets. Recommended!

Kathy Parsons

Music to the Power Of One
May 14th, 2009 | Author: John P. Olsen
Never in the history of our world has there been a time for greater concern and action needed over energy, environmental, and social issues, that what lie before us at present.

Our most recent 40th anniversary Earth Day held on April 22, 2009 had an estimated 1 billion participants worldwide, an astounding number when compared to the 20,000 million people first participating in 1969. The annual event is held each year to demonstrate what each of us as individuals can accomplish together in unity, while still retaining the core existence by relying solely on the power of one.

Cadence Spalding is one person doing their part as role model for bringing about a greater awareness of these concerns by her Save The World 2009 album release on the Sound Manipulations and JSA music label. The 11 tracks pertain to the noblest of desires in conveying her message of what one person alone can accomplish by caring for mother earth, caring for those who cannot help themselves, and by caring for one another as a family unit.

Well known New Age musician Mars Lasar is also doing his part by co producing this themed album. His technological production talents and artistic skill in layering and mixing hold the key elements that enable Cadence to excel in the music she has primarily written and presented by her own hand. While having previously performed on Mars’ albums, this first solo release certifies her individual talents worthy indeed, bearing fruit for this winning team who also happen to be husband and wife.

a message of what one person alone can accomplish by caring for mother earth, caring for those who cannot help themselves, and by caring for one another as a family unit.

Save The World is classical New Age pop, hosting a pleasant mix of ballads finely tuned to perfection in the purest sense. Classical touches of soft angelic vocals appears as lullabies at times, gently rocking you into a contented state, while anthem stanzas increase in momentum, rising above to greet the occasion. The harmonious choral effects arranged by layering passionate vocals offers her message of love, peace, and harmony to all who share the same logic, devotion, and mindful perspective.

Trust In Love is one musical anthem sent as a deep heartfelt narrative of the glorious possibilities for peace and love that await every boy and girl, if only we would just let it be a reality. This soulful song is rich in vocal tone combined with personal statement through meaningful lyrics. The piano phrased beat is surrounded by a deep percussion rhythm like persons marching lock step in tandem, proposing that we trust in love and give peace a chance.

Save The World title song offers an upbeat instrumental expression of the bountiful rewards we receive when we let our conscience be our guide and do our part. This repeated message if framed by a pounding drum beat, while piano and guitar instrumentals ring out a clear tone during moments of pause between vocals.

This CD album also includes a bonus DVD which is really a treasure in itself. This professionally captured, artistic photo gallery DVD produced by Mars, is extraordinary in visual effect while highlighting the serene music of Candace. The magnificent colorful photos are dedicated to vivid landscapes, wildlife subjects, and touching scenes capturing people in everyday life.

This CD / DVD collector’s edition is a beautiful performance and powerful statement, shared with the world after this initial spark of talented inspiration was ignited solely from the power of one.

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Review 1/13 /09
By, Roberto Vales
Ultima Fronteira Radio

“Save The World” is a beautiful title for the first solo work of singer Jennifer Spalding a Californian, known as Cadence Spalding musically. We heard the voice of the singer on the album "A Star Is Born" by she and Mars Lasar and for us it was the birth of a new star, a woman who loved us from that very moment. Her voice is delicate, sweet, beautiful and perfectly accompanied by the melodies created by Mars Lasar for that work, and now comes the lone entry in this "Save The World", a work which has the superb production and keyboards of Mars Lasar. “Save The World" is a beautiful work, a dream to enjoy and a record, a disc to quietly enjoy, a feast of music, from its beginning to its end, eleven subjects with a beautiful dream instrumentation that moves between the classical, pop and new age, but above all, the voice, that warm voice of Cadence Spalding seems to move to a magical world where there is only beauty and happiness. The menu of this "Save The World" does not end there, as this disc brings a wonderful gift that is a DVD where we are the items contained in the disc, but superimposed on beautiful photographs taken by Mars Lasar, a beautiful panoramic that is the perfect accompaniment for this wonderful music and voice. "Save The World", what a beautiful, beautiful way to work, the first solo Jennifer Spalding, offering hope that many more will follow us because they are the voices we like to enjoy, and we can enjoy these little by little, and we do because we do like to dream, and it makes us appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in this world that we ourselves take charge of destroying. "Save the World", thanks Cadence.

Save The World
Cadence Spalding
2009/Sound Manipulations
CD 49:52/DVD 52:29

Reviewed by Michael Debbage

The year 2007 was when the listener public was first introduced to Cadence Spalding when she was prominently featured on Mars Lasar’s stellar Christmas album, " A Star Is Born." A lot can change in two years and "Save The World" is clear evidence of such radical changes with a role reversal of Cadence Spalding’s solo debut featuring Mars Lasar essentially as the producer. And a dazzling solo effort it is, emphasizing the fact that the starlet is fast becoming her own shining star.

"Save The World" is a generous CD/DVD package that spotlights Cadence Spalding both as a vocalist and an instrumentalist who is more than capable of playing the keyboards and the violin. The latter can be heard on the silky smooth “Here To Love You” and the epic closer “Kyrie Eleison” which is essential a re-working of “El Capitan” from Mars Lasar’s "Yosemite" album. Cadence also re-works Lasar’s “See Me” that transforms into the rhythmic and soulful title track that brings to mind the influences of U2 in a more conservative fashion.

Otherwise, the album prominently features the exquisitely sweet intoxicating talents of Spalding who writes the balance of the songs on her own. The album focuses on her sea of voices unified into an almost choir of Cadences. In fact, the sleeve notes indicate that the album includes a blending and layering of over 10,000 voices. Needless to say the effects at times are exhilarating and are more than capable of being sweet and seductive all at the same time. The classic example can be found on the mesmerizing “Grandma’s Song,” though the simple title would certainly seem to contradict this, as does the closing frames of its visual counterpart on the DVD.

Speaking of the DVD, the “What A Wonderful World” theme is clearly the artistic expression of Spalding’s love for Mother Earth and its finite and precious capability of being our dwelling place. Much like the production values of the audio presentation, Lasar, a photographer in his own right, most likely had significant input on the visual delight.

While production efforts are credited to both Cadence and Mars Lasar, Lasar’s trademark sound manipulations are omnipresent. But unlike "A Star Is Born," the main event is certainly the mesmerizing voice of Cadence Spalding. Along with her love and passion for Mother Earth as well as her trust and faith in that which we cannot see, "Save The World" is all about a star that has already been born and now shows every inclination of blossoming very quickly into a household name.

CD/DVD Save The World
Cadence Spalding
“CD/DVD wonderful recently published in the 2002 coral or Enya, but with personality. After the project is none other than Mars Lasar but the face, or rather the voice is angelic Cadence Spalding. Without doubt, one of the most interesting of the year.”
Musica New Age y Otras Finas Hierbas, June 2009

Derek K. Milton - Abbotsford, B.C., Canada

The fact that the new album, “Save the World” by Cadence Spalding and Mars Lasar is simply beautiful, really comes as no surprise. Anyone who is familiar with the often spellbinding melodies that escapes from the body and soul of Mars Lasar knows all to well that he always delivers not just incredible music, but a spiritual journey as well. I?m not even altogether sure that this was deliberate on the part of Mars and his previous works. It’s merely what happens when he gives the world the sounds he wants to share with us. It’s always a fabulous and soothing ride.

The fact that Mars would attach his name to this new album - an album primarily written and performed by Cadence, with Mars of course showing his unmistakable style on every track, it speaks volumes of the immeasurable talent of Cadence and of course the belief Mars has in her. Cadence has a lovely, soothing, pacifying voice that when heard, one can’t help but stop what they’re doing and listen.

Another marvelous additive to this new album is that ...